How to Maximise Efficiency by Automating Nursery/School Administrative Work

Mar 3, 2023 | Insights

How to Maximise Efficiency by Automating Nursery/School Administrative Work

Adapting a system for automating nursery/school administrative work increases efficiency and productivity across the organisation. When workflows are automated, employees have more time and resources to focus on their students and more important tasks.

One of the best ways to automate nursery/school administrative work is to use Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) software. These solutions make it possible for organisations to eliminate expensive human errors and provide a broad range of benefits with the help of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and AI technologies.

Has your nursery/school begun automating administrative tasks? Do you and your employees spend untold hours on mundane, tedious admin tasks? Would you like to maximise efficiency across your organisation?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, read on to learn about the benefits and solutions offered by nursery/school administrative software.


What are the Issues with Nursery/School Administrative Tasks?

It all starts with the manual fulfilment of administrative tasks. This process carries many disadvantages; the longer you wait to automate nursery/school tasks, the longer you have the disadvantages compared to competitors who have already chosen to automate their tasks.

Here are some of the major issues that go with manual nursery/school administrative tasks:

  • All administrative work is time-consuming
  • The work is also repetitive and tedious
  • Human errors are to be expected
  • Administrative tasks are continuously increasing
  • Employees are less productive


Nursery/School Administrative Work is Time-Consuming

It’s not uncommon for nursery/school employees to spend about 60% of their time on administrative tasks. This means they only have 1/3 or less of the time dedicated to working with their students and performing other necessary tasks. Any remaining time is spent on strategic planning and other essential work.


Tedious & Repetitive Work

Skilled employees often end up doing tedious, repetitive work for which they’re overqualified. Their time is taken up by manual data entry tasks and other nursery/school administrative tasks.

The result is employees spend many hours on tedious tasks that would be best automated.


Human Errors are Guaranteed

All humans make mistakes; this is to be expected. However, even small mistakes can end up costing your nursery/school. For instance, a typo on your organisation’s tax return could result in huge fines and more.

You can develop processes that help avoid errors; however, human errors will happen no matter what. And these errors could end up harming your nursery or school.


The Administrative Workload for Nurseries/Schools is Continuously Increasing

As your nursery/school grows and new regulations are developed, administrative tasks only increase. While it’s possible to hire more employees to manage these tasks, this adds to overhead costs and may not be the right solution for your organisation.

Manually handling all these tasks results in higher operational costs and more time devoted to administrative work.


Employees are Less Productive

Studies have shown that about 1/3 of employee time is spent on administrative tasks. This translates into less time with their students and other tasks that are essential.


What is Nursery/School Administrative Automation?

Nursery/school administrative automation is the process of using software to automate administrative tasks. In other words, automation is the process of automatically completing repetitive, tedious tasks. When you automate your nursery/school tasks, almost no manual work is needed to complete administrative workflows.

Software with the specific parameters for your organisation is typically all that’s required. Once the software is implemented, you’ll find that repetitive administrative tasks are automated and need never be done by you or your employees again.


What Nursery/School Administrative Tasks Can be Automated?

An automation system takes care of most of the repetitive tasks your nursery/school faces. These tasks are time-consuming and tedious; however, when the workflows are automated, you’re free to focus on other, more important tasks.

Here’s a list of daily tasks that can be automated for a nursery/school:

  • Capturing data from invoices
  • Maintaining customer databases (parents)
  • Managing business expenses
  • Classifying, labelling, sorting, and storing documents in the cloud
  • Parsing and copying data from documents
  • Verifying the authenticity of documents
  • Verifying the identity of your customers (parents)
  • Managing employee information/career development, performance monitoring & personal development
  • Managing employee schedules
  • Managing timesheets
  • Summarising branches (schools/nurseries)
  • Risk logging
  • Safeguarding
  • Regulations tracking
  • Inventory monitoring
  • Kitchen tracking & management
  • Portfolio of events
  • Settings management


What are the Benefits of Automating Nursery/School Administrative Tasks?

Automating nursery/school administrative tasks means manual labour is no longer necessary. It’s no secret that employees struggle under the weight of their workflows each day. That means longer working hours and unhappy employees.

On the other hand, software solutions can automate all administrative tasks. Your nursery/school ends up spending more time on the children and the more important tasks. This, in turn, can mean growing your organisation as it becomes more efficient and successful through the implementation of automation software.

Not only does automation save you time and money, but it also offers your nursery/school more control. Here are some of the key benefits automating administrative workflow can have on your organisation:

  • Grow your nursery/school faster
  • Improve customer experience (for children and their parents)
  • Reduce 70% of operational costs
  • Improve workflows
  • Increase in employee satisfaction


Save Hours Each Week with Nursery/School Automation Software

Running a nursery or school takes a lot of time and effort. It’s not easy to find ways to save time and get more done. This is one of the reasons nursery/school automation software was developed. These platforms can save time each week by making workflows faster and more efficient.

By choosing to automate your nursery/school administrative tasks, you’ll find your business is much easier to manage. All tasks are faster and easier for everyone, and stress is reduced, with all employees becoming more productive.

In addition, administrative automation reduces the time necessary for mundane, repetitive tasks. By saving time, your employees have more time to improve their students’ educational experience, and you have more control over the business.

What’s more, everything is kept in one place. All documents, schedules and more are organised and safely stored in the cloud. All documents are accessible across mobile devices and can be accessed from any place that has an Internet connection.


Summing It Up

Nursery/school administrative software is an effective way to cut down on mundane, repetitive administrative tasks. The result of adopting automation is that you and your employees will have more time for what really matters—your students and other essential tasks.

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