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The simple way for educators to manage people, HR, regulations & Ofsted

PeopleBunch is a software platform created by educators to serve nurseries and schools.
PeopleBunch Software


The simplest way to manage people and regulations within the Education sector.

PeopleBunch Features - People


Recording and management of all employee information

PeopleBunch Features - Scheduling


Create employee schedules as and when needed

PeopleBunch Features - Risk

Qualifications tracker

Quick logging and management of risks

PeopleBunch Features - Branch

Risk assessments

Summarised view of all nurseries or schools

PeopleBunch Features - Timesheets

Ofsted management

A simple format summarising employee working hours

PeopleBunch Features - Safeguarding

Fire logbook

Easy to log safeguarding matters related to employees

And a lot more…

About PeopleBunch

About PeopleBunch

PeopleBunch was created to increase people performance. This is achieved by making people and regulation management, simple, quick, and easy. Allowing managers to spend more time with their people, to empower their children.

Empowering educators to Empower children

Complying with

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PeopleBunch Software - People

PeopleBunch. Making HR and Ofsted simple. Educators empowering Educators.