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People HR, and Regulations Ofsted made easy with our unique features.

PeopleBunch Features

Clock in and clock out

Staff action plan 

Staff documentation log

Qualification log and reminders

Leave/holiday request and log



HR access

Risk assessment


Development plan 

Multiple branches

Fire log book

Visitors book

Portfolio of works for Operators & Ofsted view

Stick notes (task organiser)


Safeguarding log

PeopleBunch Software - People

Clock in and clock out

Clock in and out with ease with our new signing in features. 


Ability to create employee schedules as and when needed with simple views.

PeopleBunch Software - Schedule
PeopleBunch Software - Timesheet


A simple format whereby one can see when the employee has clocked in, is on leave or is out. Simple exports formats for submitting for payroll purposes.


Summarised view of all nurseries or schools that belong to an owner / organisation / trust.

PeopleBunch Software - Branch
PeopleBunch Software - Risk


When it comes to protecting your employees and creating a safe environment, quick logging of all types of risks with uploads of images or to take a photo if needed which makes capturing risks effortlessly.


Easy to log safeguarding matters related to employees which can be assigned and tracked until the necessary action(s) has / have been closed.

PeopleBunch Software - Safeguarding
PeopleBunch Software - Regulations


Within certain industries, regulations are extremely important, therefore this section caters for this in quick preparation guides to help with getting nurseries and schools ready for inspections. With simple and quick efforts, it will be much easier to maintain ‘outstanding’ and ‘good’ ratings throughout the year.


Manages all stock one will have for a nursery / school. Easy viewing of requirements vs. current stock levels with the ability to see product life spans.

PeopleBunch Software - Inventory

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PeopleBunch Software - People

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