Nurseries and School, To Paper or Not to Paper? That is the Question

Nov 23, 2022 | Insights

Nurseries and School, To Paper or Not to Paper? That is the Question

Through frustration of using existing software on the market, the core functionalities were not available on one platform which resulted in multiple subscriptions needed in order to run a nursery/school effectively.

Despite having multiple platforms, a certain level of operations was not able to cater for the core functionalities which left the nurseries/schools using vanilla tools to procedure their day-to-day activities. 

A software, on a single platform with the following features was needed for these businesses to be more optimally run:

  • People’s planning can be easily scheduled, edited and distributed in a simple and visual format, as a result they know what is expected of them on a daily basis. 
  • Understanding how people work, how they learn, communicate, what motivates them in order to bring out the best qualities they have to offer.
  • Creating and growing peoples’ development while they understand what they are responsible for.
  • Eliminating paperwork, large files, physical storage areas, and time wasted finding the necessary paperwork when needed for inspections and/or audits.
  • Having simple checklists that are needed for regulation purposes and to get ready for inspections.
  • Creating and sequencing curriculums which cater for all applicable subjects equally which the primary aim for pupils to retain knowledge and be equipped for future learnings.
  • Create an environment whereby leaders are encouraged to grow stronger with the aim of providing higher performance while seen as role models for the institutions, governing bodies and staff. 

Based on analysing a sample of 22, (rating reports consisting of: 4 outstanding, 6 good, 6 inadequate, 6 requires improvement) Ofsted inspection reports from 1 Jan – 30 Jun 2022, the following was noted:

Graph 1: Inspection Ratings of Education Institutes

In the above graph, as a result of poor or weak leadership leads to the overall nurseries /  schools underperforming affected the level of education taught to the pupils. This is evident in the high numbers of inadequacy and requirements improvement ratings. When taking a closer look at what caused the above ratings, the below graph illustrates the following pain points: 

Graph 2: Pain Points of Education Institutes

If a strong leadership team is appointed, they are more likely to ensure the standard statutory requirements are met, employees skills are assessed and training assigned where applicable and most important, the planning and sequencing of the curriculum is well scheduled to ensure the pupils receive the highest educational value the institute can provide. By supporting these institutions with aid of a very easy software to use, can make all the difference. 

Written by Riona Rooplal



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